Butterflies are fascinating creatures! Just think about their metamorphosis starting from being caterpillars through the discipline of being confined in pupa and finally able to "Spread their wings"! Acrylic painting


Everyone loves flowers, especially butterflies!  This is an oil color painting impressionist style!

Eternal Love

Love makes the world go round! This is my concept of divine love! Comes from my Indian Background! Oil Painting!

Meera Bai, the Devotee

Even though a royal princess, Meera bai devoted her life to the service of God and people. This is an oil painting.

Dogwood and Azalea flowers

Oil painting of dogwood and azalea flowers, my South Carolina heritage!

Flowers, Again!

My favorite theme:  Flowers!  Acrylic medium.

Flowers Again!

Flowers (Watercolor)