Spread your wings, My Dear Global Toastmasters Family

Celebrate! We belong to a unique organization that is experiential and that lets us grow safely and spread our wings, even as a caterpillar develops into a beautiful butterfly and spreads its wings!

I proudly ask for your vote to be Region 7 International Director, 2019-2021.

Why me?

Globally qualified. I was born in Myanmar, raised in India, educated in India and Canada, and worked as a Research Scientist in Canada, Sweden, and the United States. I have a long professional association with people on different continents. I know the world. I think globally. My experience and mindset complement the skills and outlook of our Toastmasters Board in leading an ever-growing global organization.

• Academically qualified. Ph.D. in Reproductive Immunology. High Complexity Lab Director accredited by College of American Pathologists. Certificate in French and Diploma in German from the University of Madras, India. Seven Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) titles.

• Professionally qualified. Both as a research scientist and strategic planner for a large Medical Institution and the American Society for Reproductive Immunology, my work involved me in understanding issues, walking new paths to see new things, and seeking agreement when minds diverge.

• Organizationally qualified. Led District 58 to Distinguished recognition after a 4-yr gap. Later, in 2015-2016, as Region 8 Advisor, I had the privilege of working closely with our 9 District leadership teams. They earned a unique recognition: every District earned Distinguished or higher. More importantly, in that year. I saved a District from its planned extinction and helped rebuild its leadership. I have 7 DTMs.

• Emotionally qualified. Blessed with two children, 5 grandchildren, and a highly supportive husband of 50 yrs, a fellow Toastaholic. I am also an artist. Thus, my interest in butterflies. They begin their new lives so fragile yet over time grow into confident, beautiful creatures—as Toastmasters does in the field of speaking and leadership.

Why now?

• The time is right. Retired. A grown family. An encouraging husband. A wealth of experience, both in and out of Toastmasters. A strong desire to give back. All at a significant time of change in Toastmasters globally—in communication, technology, and individual member development. This is a special moment in Toastmasters history to challenge and re-challenge, to evaluate and re-evaluate, to think and re-think, and be sure that we are laying the best foundation imaginable for our Second Century which begins soon, in 2024.

• Complacency, conflict, and lack of continuity are our challenges. With a strong foundation in research and development, I have plans to address these issues. I emphasize teamwork and curiosity as essential components of leadership. Make our educational programs appealing to all generations and multilingual members.

I firmly believe in leading with love. Compassionate leadership is the key. I envision a Global Toastmasters Family without boundaries. Do you?

I humbly ask you to vote for

Subbi P. Mathur, Ph.D., DTM, PRA as

Region 7 International Director

[email protected]

"It's a Small World After All"!

Be a Global Leader

No "I", but "You" and "We"

Emotional Leadership

Service Leader

Be Free to Dream!

Believe in Your Dreams!

Achieve your Dreams!

Help Others to fulfill Their Dreams!

Hugs and More Hugs!

Think with your Head! 

Lead with your Heart!

"The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"  -  Mahatma Gandhi